About Our Nursery


The property where Heartwood is located is preserved through the Farm and Natural Lands Trust of York County farmtrust.org. Founded in 1990, the FNLT is dedicated to preservation of the finest agricultural and environmental landscapes for future generations to enjoy. In addition to the existing mature hardwoods tract, a large percentage of the property has been reforested with native species indigenous to the area.

Display gardens are incorporated throughout the immediate sales area. Stormwater management areas have been created to reduce rainwater runoff and soil erosion. Pollinator meadows have been created to increase habitat for birds, pollinating insects, bats and wildlife. Focal points within the reforested area include a mature grove of over 125 Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis) trees and collections of large, uncommon specimen trees and shrubs, most notably Hollies. Specializing in American Holly (Ilex opaca and other Ilex species) production, Heartwood is proud to be an Official Holly Arboreta and Test Center registered with the Holly Society of America. 

For a full list of participating Arboreta, visit hollysocam.org

Heartwood Nursery, Inc.

Tours of the environmental preserve are given during specific times throughout the year and by appointment.

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